Easy, Handy, and Interesting.

We envision using e-kakashi to start developing precision agriculture.

In order to raise safe and tasty vegetables, what can IT do?
In order to vitalize agriculture itself, what can IT do?
Our aim is to contribute to agriculture through IT.
We will support agriculture by using e-kakashi.

IT can do a lot for agriculture in the future.

e-kakashi A new form of cultivation guidance that has not existed until now.

There has been an enormous growth in the amount of environmental data that cannot be processed, while the knowledge and intuition of skilled.
With e-kakashi, it is possible to convey such knowledge and intuition in a plain and unique manner.

We have designed all elements from scratch.

Installing the new e-kakashi in the field enables you witness its amazingness.

Diagram of the Basic Structure

※An AC power supply is required for the gateway.
※The line-of-sight communication distance between the gateway (base unit) and sensor node (portable handset) can be a maximum of 1 km.
※Up to 100 sensor nodes (portable handsets) can be connected to a single gateway (base unit).