The new e-kakashi will enable novel applications.
In addition to the widget display, which is easy to understand, ek Field View will be available.
You will surely think, "I’d love to look at this forever."



On the dashboard, users can easily observe the status of e-kakashi or activity in the cultivation field. Users can receive support from IoT and the web.

  • Sensor Data

    Sensor Data

    The sensor data is UI, which is familiar to existing users of e- kakashi. In addition, the software is reliably updated. Its fluid operation will amaze users.

  • ek Field View

    ek Field View

    ek Field View is the new function that integrates sensor data with ek Recipe. It supports guidance in the cultivation field, addressing problems such as what management work is necessary, whether the value of a measurement is appropriate, or how many days are expected until harvest time.

  • ek Recipe

    ek Recipe

    ek Recipe is available to create cultivation management techniques and know-how, like cooking recipes. It can also install e-kakashi sample recipes and new recipes created by others. (To use recipes created by others, the approval of the creators is required.)

  • Map


    When e-kakashi is installed in a field, the field is displayed on the map. Information about the location is automatically obtained from the incorporated GPS. Both the location display and the status of the cultivation field can be monitored in real time by linking the status of the field to eK recipe.

  • Graph


    Original graphs can be created on the basis of measured data and freely stored.
    The settings of the axes can be changed; various graphs, such as line graphs, bar graphs and cumulative plots can be constructed, and the original data can be downloaded.