Gateway (Base unit) / Sensor node (portable handset)

  • Gateway (Base unit)

    Highly stable operation by removing unnecessary functions

    It is possible to obtain stable device operation when it is connected outdoors.
    We have solved this difficult problem, which seems superficially easy, by reviewing the design of the device from every angle.

    Stable, remote, outdoor device monitoring; data transmission to the cloud; and data reception were first realized by incorporating mobile phone modules.

    Wireless communication with the sensor nodes is stable and highly secure. This device fulfills a mission.

  • Sensor node (portable handset)

    Perfectly designed for the cultivation field

    The new sensor node is designed to meet the needs of all cultivation fields.

    Further distances are possible using antenna diversity.
    Power-saving specifications are driven by a battery lifetime of three years. The sensor interface is installed with the minimum number of required functions; however, its functionality can be expanded.

    The casing design has been fully engineered so that the device can be easily installed on any structure, such as piles, walls, or beams.